I am happy to make my work available for your viewing pleasure. But none of this work would be possible without the contribution of the lovely models I’ve had the pleasure working with. Unfortunately, finding models in Humboldt County is a challenge, and the major stumbling block to doing more of this type of work.

I am currently looking for:

  • a model with measurements close to 34-24-34 for a latex dress. The shoot would be in trade for the dress, so if you’ve ever wanted to own a fine piece of latex wear, but couldn’t afford it, here’s your chance!
  • a model with very prominent nipples for an up close shibari shoot. The model’s identity will not be shown in the photo.


If you are interested in modeling for any of these projects, please email me at [email protected].

If you would like to model for me, or possibly know someone who would, here is a bit of information about how I generally work.

I have been a professional photographer for 25 years, and generally don’t pay models unless they have a very professional portfolio and are making their living from modeling. Since I provide most of the clothing for shoots I do, I have made a large investment in a shoot before it even starts. I am more willing to trade for images, or clothing from the shoot.

Pluses in my book are natural breasts, small waists, and long hair. For nude and bodyscape photos, A-B cup is preferable, for bondage shoots, B-C is preferable, and for corsets, B-D cups are preferable. Dance, gymnastics or yoga experience a super plus.

While I don’t rule out working with models who have tattoos, I prefer to make my own art, not feature someone else’s.

For bondage shoots, the model needs to be physically fit. I do not tie to cause pain, but bondage models need to be flexible and be ready to deal with some possible discomfort.

I am not a make-up artist, nor do I have one regularly available. If make-up is required, I usually go for the smokey look, dark eyes and lips. Please don’t use anything with sparkles, it doesn’t look sparkly in photos, and I end up spending a lot of time editing the photos to get rid of the specks.

Most of my shoots are done at my home, or in secluded areas of Humboldt County. Generally a shoot lasts about 2-3 hours.

Escorts are a touchy subject for some models and photographers. I don’t rule out escorts but I do have some guidelines:

  • If the shoot is at my house, the escort is welcome to stay in your vehicle during the shoot. I don’t have room for extra people hanging around.
  • If the shoot is on location, your escort will probably be put to work holding or moving equipment.
  • I prefer your escort not be your significant other, and please don’t show up with your mom or grandma. (Yes, I’ve had that happen.)
  • I am always happy to meet you somewhere in public before a shoot if you prefer that.

Compensation, unless agreed to otherwise before hand, is a CD of the finished images, sized for use on social sharing sites. From the finished images, you may select 2 images per hour of modeling and I will provide 8×10 prints of those images. You must agree to not modify the images in anyway, and in most cases you must sign a model release.

If you are interested in trying out the modeling bit, I can help you get started with a portfolio in trade for working on one of my projects.

If you are bashful about showing your identity, shoots like those in the bodyscapes section of my portfolio are perfect. I’ve shot for several women who wanted to create some artistic photos they could treasure in their later years but were hesitant on having their identity public.